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Plus Size Cap Models

TuvidXXL Plus size cap models are available to you with their different designs. You can view hooded or non-hooded models with different fabric structures or new season new designs in different colors. To make the cap models look more stylish, models with or without pockets with a belt at the waist can be preferred. The cape model is an outerwear product and is prepared with thin fabrics and is generally preferred in hot seasons. Cap models are not abayas or overcoats. Cap models are not as long as overcoats and have more vibrant colors. Women prefer it because it is a product that can be easily combined with different products. It appeals to women of all styles with its variety of designs and accessories. It is very easy to combine with large size cap models. It is possible to make classic, casual, sports and stylish combinations. Pocketed - Hooded models are ideal for making sports combinations. Your choice of trousers can be combined with tube leg trousers and jeans.

Plus Size Cap Prices

Prices for large size caps may vary depending on their fabrics, accessories used and designs, as in our other categories. Cap models can range from size 42 to size 54-56. Even though there are price differences in our products, there is no change in product quality. The fabrics used do not cause any harm to your health.
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